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    Gears 5 - The New Day Reveal Trailer

    It's a New Day, yes it is! Who wants a side of lancer's with their bowl of Booty O's? The New Day Pack is Now Available for Free With Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Perks. Claim your Perks by going to your Perks gallery on your Xbox console or Xbox App on Windows 10 PC
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    Xbox Far Cry 6 Release Date Has Leaked Through Microsoft Store, File Size Revealed

    Far Cry 6 was confirmed to launch after April 2021 but didn’t have an official release date. It might have been leaked thanks to the Microsoft Store. The official Microsoft Store has been updated with a release date for Far Cry 6. According to the list on the store, the game will unlock on May...
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    Warhammer 2: Total War - The Twisted & The Twilight Reveal Trailer

    Oh my this looks amazing! :eek:
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    Xbox PlayStation PC GTA Online - New Update Announced, The Cayo Perico Heist, Coming December 15

    This sounds awesome. I will definitely be playing once it comes out.
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    Off-Topic Introduce yourself to the community!

    Hello I am Wingman! Looking forward to staying active here.
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